A Sensible Approach

Searching for the right college is challenging. With so many choices and even more information out there, it’s difficult to find the right fit for you. We use a step-by-step approach to work closely with students and parents to identify their priorities, research college options, develop a strong list, and craft effective applications.

If you’re ready for a more sensible solution to the stress of the college application process, we would love to hear from you.

“You were the best part of the college process.” -Griffin (student)

“When I realized I had submitted all my applications, I was astounded. The process was so smooth and easy, without the stress and trauma I have heard so many other students complain about.” -Ava (student)

“We appreciate your help. My son has told me more than once that working with you saved him (and me) a lot of stress. He also said that hiring you was one of the best decisions we made this year.” -Mary (parent)

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